Driver with helmet and overall in the garage

Performance for road and track – from the city to Le Mans

Our Partnership with Aston Martin is laden with success

The Aston Martin marque was established back in 1913, and soon gained a reputation for producing racing cars suitable for road use. Naturally, in addition to strong engines, this also required outstanding suspension systems. These days, we are responsible for meeting the British firm’s high standards here as an original equipment manufacturer for many series-production and racing vehicles. In mid-June 2017, the Aston Martin Vantage no. 97 driven by Darren Turner, Jonathan Adam and Daniel Serra won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LM GTE Pro class. The English marque had already claimed the FIA WEC championship for GT vehicles in 2016.

Martin Flick, Head of Motorsport, said: “Our technology partnership with Aston Martin in motor racing started back in 2014, and is now hugely intensive. We are currently equipping 2 Aston Martin Vantage GTEs in the Pro class and another 2 in the AM class of the FIA WEC, which the 24 Hours of Le Mans also comes under. The 4-way MDS, which has already proven its considerable flexibility several times, is currently being installed. Alongside this, we are also working with Aston Martin on a next-generation suspension system.”

Two gray Aston Martins on the race track
Aerial perspective of an Aston Martin at the pit stop

The successes achieved to date demonstrate the quality and adaptability of our Modular Damper System (MDS). By means of clearly marked scaling wheels with click feedback, with the 4-way variant, the damping force can be adjusted ten times respectively in one rebound and three bump levels. Various set-ups can be tested in advance and “saved” by noting the numeric code. Therefore, even complex tunings can be reproduced or reversed at any time. As a result, the MDS can be easily adapted to any weather conditions, the bend situation of a race track or the driver’s preferences.

Aston Martin at the pit stop
Aston Martin on the race track