On the road – on the track – on the ball

Partnership between BILSTEIN and Aston Martin proves very successful

The foundation of Aston Martin can be traced back to 1913. Meanwhile, the company has acquired a reputation to build racing cars for the road for more than 100 years. To accomplish this object, strong engines go hand in hand with a sophisticated suspension. In nowadays, many cars from Aston Martin roll off the line with BILSTEIN shock absorber technology. However, the German suspension experts do not only deliver OE components for the British car manufacturer. BILSTEIN has also been a successful supporter of their motorsports programme for quite a while, now. The qualities of this partnership were perfectly reflected in Aston Martin’s overall victory in the WEC’s GT class in 2016. Having won the season’s last race in Bahrain, the Danish drivers of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE with the number 95, Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen, were the new champions.

Nicki Thiim emphasized the good cooperation of all people and companies involved. As a close partner, BILSTEIN did not only deliver the suspension technology but also helped to get the perfect setup for every single race, which was an important piece of the puzzle. Daniel Pitsch, suspension engineer at BILSTEIN in Germany, explains how they got the most out of the MDS (Modular Damper System) suspension for the season’s final race: “For Bahrain, we refined the setup once more in detail. Because of the track layout and the weather conditions, we chose a very unusual asymmetrical design: Thus, the left and right vehicle sides differed with respect to the setup.“ As the overall victory in the GTE Pro Class team evaluation also went to Aston Martin Racing, the result speaks for itself. This once again proves the advantages and the flexibility of the 10-scale system with click feedback for all settings, which is typical for BILSTEIN. That’s why, the teams can easily prepare various setups in advance and keep the number codes. The modular suspension system can then be easily adjusted to the weather conditions, the layout of the curves or the preferences of the drivers.

All in all, the perfectly matched BILSTEIN suspension of the Vantage GTE as well as the motivation and performance of the drivers and the team led Aston Martin Racing to the title in the 2016 season. Encouraged by the excellent results, the team wants to build on the achievements next year and hopes for further victories and titles. Martin Flick, Head of Motorsport at BILSTEIN, says: “We would all like to achieve many more successful runs and to build on the proven technical basis with Aston Martin”. There will already be a cooperation with a technology carrier for a further developed setup for 2018.